ASEAN TVET Council endorsed during 36th ASEAN Summit

   Posted on 13.07.2020 by SEA-VET Content, ASEAN


The ASEAN TVET council is established to intensify convergence amongst ASEAN member states on technical, vocational education and training. 

Digital and technological transformations, and Industry 4.0 are creating economic implications. These changes are affecting industries and employment in many countries. 

This creates an emergence of issues for human resource for the future of work. Issues such as skills gap and lifelong-learning are interrupted and affected. There is a need to address the issue to prepare for future changes.

The ASEAN TVET council is a multi-sectoral/cross-sectoral body. It’s main objective is to intensify the convergence amongst ASEAN member states on the concept of TVET. 

It is a platform for member states to coordinate, research, develop innovations and monitor programmes that support the advancement of TVET. 

The council looks to develop a world-class ASEAN labour force that is responsive to the changing needs of the labour market. This contributes to the realisation of the collective commitments of ASEAN in the ASEAN charter and other ASEAN commitments related to human resources. 

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